• ‘’I highly recommend Steel Scrap Sandton and his Greenside branch. They really do know it all when it comes to recycling. I came in to enquire about how much it would cost to recycle cans every month and they gave me the answer I needed plus they also taught me about all the benefits of the new venture I was about to begin ,which made me really excited and more driven to get started on collecting those cans! The staff are always so friendly and no matter what amount of cans I come with whether it’s ten or one hundred they are just as happy and excited about whatever they can get their hands on to recycle. It is one of my errands that i never dread doing. Steel Scrap Sandton is doing a great job for the planet and so are his staff members. well done guys, keep up the brilliant work!’’- Illana , Parktown.
  • ‘’It’s so convenient that Steel Scrap Sandton has the option of his team coming to you and taking the trash off your hands. The callout fee really is reasonable and suits my busy lifestyle a lot better than finding the equipment that is large and strong enough to haul all the items I want to recycle and it also halves the time I have to pause my work. I own my very own appliance repairs shop. I repair everything from washing machines to tumble dryers to fridges. A lot of the time I can fix my customers items but sometimes they are way past repairing and the customers normally just leave them with me and don’t come back to collect them. So naturally I try to contact them to see if they are coming back to collect it or I wait the legal amount of time my business has to hold onto the customers property before being able to get rid of it. Then every month I give Steel Scrap Sandton and his guys a call and they come out and collect all the items I have and recycle them/I even end up making money out of this! It is awesome!’’- Denzel, Cape Town.