About Us

Mad About Metals is a continuously expanding brand in South Africa that deals with recycling , with its main focus on the recycling of scrap metal. The company owner is Scrap Metal Dealers Sandton Smith and he started up the first of his seven branches nineteen years ago, in the year two thousand. Scrap Metal Dealers Sandton always had an interest in scrap metals growing up.

From when he was just a kid, Scrap Metal Dealers Sandton would take his mothers’ old kitchen appliances and take them apart and turn them into a whole new creation that had a whole new use. He would turn her old washing machines into super cool pretend cars when he was young, when he got a bit older he would collect tin cans when they were empty and cut them up and create art with them. His mother still has some of his metal artwork on display to this day. The older Scrap Metal Dealers Sandton got the more he learnt about the pros of recycling and turned his hobby into a career. He opened up his first branch in Pretoria and it was a huge success!

After a while he decided to open up another branch in Greenside, which also did incredibly well. Since then, Scrap Metal Dealers Sandton has opened up five other branches in South Africa.

You can either take your items into one of our seven branches to sell to us and then we recycle them for you , or the other option we offer is you can organize with us to get one of our trucks to come to you and inspect the items, price them and if you are happy, we take them off your hands for you. Contact us with any queries.